2011. szeptember 9., péntek


Hey all! I started to develop a simple text-based console game engine in C# with many good feature.

My goals:

  • "Keep it simple"

I don't want to make complex things. I hate too rich and  needlessly complex engines, because you should learn a lot of things to begin to use it. If you want to develop game instead of read tutorials forever, it is your engine.

  • Classic text-based console style
No graphics. No DirectX, OpenGl, only standard 80x25 character display and 16 color. Why? Check my first goal! :) And I like this retro style, you need creativity and not much resource.

  • High level graphic, sound and database solution
Because my projects name includes the word "engine", it should deliver full-featured and ready to use solutions in every aspect of game development. I don't want to develop new editors and extensions, even more find common ones and use them. Sure I'm using only free, downloadable tools.

That whole thing is not too concrete, yeah, but mostly I implemented basic features already. More information is coming soon. If you are interested in, please come back later again, drop me an e-mail, like it and join to the readers group.

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